Join over 40 Experts to Live with More Energy & Greater Health!

You living your best life is non-negotiable!

As women, we manage a lot! We are swamped with managing family schedules, household duties, and careers. We are constantly bombarded with information overload and overrun with “cure-all” health marketing.

Women feel overwhelmed, burdened, stuck, and confused.

We’ve become disconnected from our inner nature to know “The Self”. We seek to reconnect to ourselves, our purpose, and our wellness.

The time has come for YOU to step into your POWER and become our own best healer. It’s time to transform your healing journey into your wellness story!

Join me for this free online event, High Energy Women, featuring over 40 top experts & healers who have been where you have been and have pivoted into living life feeling their absolute best!

They will show you how to tap into your true healer, jumpstart your wellness journey and elevate your health for more freedom, purpose & passion!

This series is for you if:

  •   You want to break free of symptoms & transform your health!
  •   You want more energy but are held back by confusion.
  •   You want to manage more with ease.
  •   You want to gain control over your life.
  •   You want to discover your unique healing code.
  •   You want to become your own best healer!
  •   You want to live a life you “actually love.”
  •   You want to learn from industry leaders in health and wellness.
  •   You want to elevate your health so you feel your absolute best.

Don’t wait. Your Next Level Is Here

During High Energy Women, You Will Receive:

Training from Industry Experts

Get access to 40 + leading health & wellness experts, Doctors & healers, who will show you how to elevate your health to experience more freedom & joy in all areas of your life.

Blueprint to Transform your Health NOW

You will walk away with clarity & confidence on your next steps. Discover how to tap into your unique healing and reach your next level of excellent health!

Exclusive Resources & Tools

In addition to the interviews and training, each expert is giving you access to their resources, books, guides & more to help you go deeper and take action to jumpstart your journey!

Unlock Your Authentic Power to Heal

Discover HOW during the High Energy Women Event!



Dr. Stacey



Dr. Leland

Dr. Anita

Rachel Jennings, N.D.


Hi, I’m Rachel. I’m so honored to be your host for The High Energy Women Online Event.

I live my life guided by feminine intuition, connection, and a bit of strategy. I am an Entrepreneur, Naturopathic Doctor, and Intuitive healer. As a certified Holistic Coach, and avid student of Herbalism, and Ayurvedic Medicine, my most profound training was birthed from my own experience of healing myself from over a decade of chronic health challenges.

As a former fitness athlete and pharmaceutical and medical sales representative, I made my pivot into natural health 15 years ago after hitting rock bottom in my own health.

My mission is to help women step into their power to heal by deeply connecting with their own authentic medicine, and I hope this event helps you do just that!

Disclaimer: The information provided is for informational purposes and is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. Always seek the advice of a licensed health care provider before making any treatment decisions.